Our Team Shares some Car Maintenance Tips to Residents

Owning a car requires a lot of responsibilities. You need to keep up with routine checkups and maintenance if you want to keep your car in good shape. With proper maintenance, you’re not only saving yourself from expensive repair costs. This also helps maintain its resale value in case you’re planning to sell it in the future. Learn some of the basics to keep your vehicle looking good and perform at its best.

  1. Choosing the best fuel type

Before gassing up, check the vehicle pump and your engine. Don’t get confused with all the gasoline-based ads and vague recommendations. Technically, not all vehicle types require using premium gasoline. Your safe bet here is to call the manufacturer to find out which specific fuel type or octane volume do you need for your car. Professional auto mechanics highly recommend sticking to a steady 87 octane for engines with low to moderate compression. While using too much octane levels won’t really affect the engine, it’s a big waste of money. So, why not save the extra cash for other important car maintenance routine?

  1. Keeping your vehicle clean

Here’s one way to spend that spare cash from fuel savings. Let’s just say you save $1 a gallon by not using premium gas. If you have a 25-galon tank, that means you’re saving around $8 to $10 with every fill-up, which is more than enough for a regular car wash service.

  1. Change oil, filters, and sparkplug regularly

It’s a big no to skip these steps. In fact, this is where you should put your investment. Regular oil change and filters can help your engine perform at its best. The same thing goes with sparkplugs. Usually, experts recommend changing your oil and filters upon reaching the 7,000 km mileage. In addition, make sure to choose quality brands. Look for reliable car parts suppliers near your area.

These are just some of the basic car maintenance routine you should not overlook. For your own safety, always consult a licensed auto mechanic.

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